Books from J.A.McIntosh



             Children are disappearing in Massachusetts.  Niagara Fontaine, attorney for the state child welfare agency, is determined to find them.  She needs to prove she can do this job.  If only Troy Higgins would stop getting in her way with his off-the-wall ideas.

            Troy Higgins’ children are missing.  Were missing.  Until his ex-wife showed up to tell him they were taken by the state.  He could give them a good home if only the state attorney, Niagara Fontaine,  would stop getting in his way with her rules and regulations.

            When they combine forces, Niagara and Troy find a conspiracy that goes back years and threatens them and the missing children.



             A.B. (Amethyst Basil) Hartwell, juvenile court judge,  has issues with her mother, including her awful name.  Now her mother is ill in Georgia, her children need her in Massachusetts, and her husband is of no help   She tries to untangle her mother’s legal matters.  Her mother’s caretaker is the father of the child she gave up for adoption twenty years ago.  And he wants to find their child.

             Judge Hartwell finds that the easiest part of her life may be her time on the judicial bench.  Until her clerk is murdered.



             Jesus Gabriel Leary – Gabe to his friends – and his wife, Freya, are raising their great-grandchild, Patrice.  When their granddaughter, Celeste, Patrice’s mother, is killed, they search for answers.  Trying to help, but just as often raising obstacles and creating further chaos, are their alcoholic daughter, various grandchildren, and Gabe’s infirm mother.  When Gabe is arrested and the Department of Children and Families worker arrives to remove Patrice, the foundations of the family are threatened.



These are works of fiction.  All of the characters, organizations,  and events portrayed are either products of the writer’s imagination or used fictitiously.